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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007





What are the best search engine friendly cms's ?
I have been asked many times about "What is the best cms (content management system) to use in order to have a better search engine optimization" - My experience shows me that the best cms's outthere are Drupal and  Joomla, and the well known blog system Wordpress.

More and more companies have already understood that the use of a good cms is a key growth factor for their business website, the first reason is the need to make frequent updates to their sites without having to edit everytime its website's files and having to make really tedious task everytime we want to make an update. But there is another reason, an important reason should I say, and it is the Search Engine Optimization solutions that some of those cms's provides with.

What is my choice?

My choice is Joomla, even if this cms is not really intented for a total newbie, I should say that this joomla cms is the best tool you will ever have for make updates and for its search engine friendly approach.

Wordpress and Drupal are also a good choice depending on the purpose of your website. These two (drupal and wordpress) are almost out of the box solutions for your seo works, since they don't need to have any special installations of third party components to allow those search engine friendly urls. Joomla needs to have the Artio component in order to have the urls converted to search engine friendly ones.

Recommended Websites (if you use joomla)



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