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Blackhat and Whitehat SEO Technics, What to Choose? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007





My first answer always will be to choose the whitehat technics, because, simply, nobody wants to get penalized by google.

But after some years working on seo projects, looking for results, been penalized once (yes! I have been penalized by google once, and for this Godmarketing website), using and testing white and blackhat technics, I will nearly say that there is not a real blackhat and whitehat technic to use or not to use!, infact, I come today with a different definition or description of What Is Blackhat and What Is Whitehat.

Today, for me, a blackhat technic is an abuse of a whitehat technic, or let's say, a whitehat technic can easily become a blackhat technic because of its misunderstanding and unproperly used.

But which are the blackhat and which are the whitehat technics?

Blackhat Technics:

- Using doorways,

- Posting or having our links in porno sites,

- Spam posting our links in forums, sites...

Whitehat Technics:

- CSS based templates,

- alt-text,

- Link building with related sites,

When a whitehat technic can become blackhat?

As for example, let's make it with the alt-text technic,

A good technic is to put an alt-text with h1 size tag in the logo image, and that is acceptable, but you can have the good/bad idea to add this h1 size tag to all of your images alt-text tags, and that can be really bad and you can get penalized for that. So this is how a whitehat technic can easily be considered as blackhat.

If this similar situation happens with the others whitehat technics, then we are just running the wrong way, into the blackhat hole. So be advised, Do Not Abuse or Mis-use The Whitehat Technics!

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