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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Thursday, 18 May 2006




Nothing better than make a search in google or any other search engine and get great relevant websites that match exactly what you are looking for. You will probably going to tell me that we only need to write and put a good meta description in our sites; let me tell you, you are probably right, but I don't put any keywords nor any meta description in my sites, that can be taken as a crazy idea, yes, but I don't use them, here is why.

In fact, once every page of your site gets spidered, google will find and present to people, not only your homepage, but also your inside pages, and those pages have its own content, and many times these pages reflect a more exact description of the services/products presented on that page. So I don's use any meta keyword or description to allow google to present the first portion of your inside pages and homepage too, to the user, this will bring excellent results in relevance and quality to the search itself and obviously to the search engine. To be clear, this first portion of your site content will be interpreted as the keywords and description of your site and inside pages.

And there is where Copywriting comes up!, a good description of your services and products with a very plain and natural language will certainly increase the quality of your pages and of your site. In fact, search engines love quality websites, search engines hate articles written for machines. Nothing is more appreciated than an article with a natural sense, I mean, if you are the writer, just do it like you talk, believe me you will be rewarded by everyone, including search engines. 

The internet today, is quality, people are looking for valuable information that helps their lifes, personally and professionally, people are even increasing the use of the 'bookmark' function on their browsers to easily come back to the recently quality visited site; missing the opportunity to catch your first time visitors is unacceptable in these days; so remember, quality content will safe your life!

Ok, you would say, but what am I going to write and make frequent updates about my products?, I only have one or too many! - Well, you need to do it if you want to build trust, and of course, leads. A quality site content will give you everything you need to convert visitors into buyers and subscribers.

There are two main reasons to provide with a quality and updated content to your visitors, the first one is about search engines, search engines love frequently updated websites, they will come back more often to index your site and that will make you jump up in the search engines positions, and the second reason is your visitors, they need that quality content to invite them bookmark your site.

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