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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Wednesday, 17 May 2006





I have been asked by a web developer from El-Cairo, Egypt about the high search engines ranking possibilities we have if we register a literally related domain name pointing to our business website. Let's explain this, probably confusing issue for some of you, it was confusing to me in the past too :). I will explain this with examples as follows.

Let's imaging I sell digital products and one of my products is beign called ' PLL backbone signal ' (this is a totally invented name, and it doesn't reflect any real product name) and my current website's domain name is ' and of course I am fighting to get the top ten google positions without any success.

So desperately I decide to get a domain name that represents better or even have the same name as my product's name, for instance,, because I think this domain name will help me jump in to the top ten positions. Well my friend let me tell you that this will be not the case. This domain name will not help you get the top ten positions, but the Search Engine Optimization of your website, whatever domain name has, will.


To be continued...

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