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Dynamic Titles with Joomla, Another SEO Tip PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Tuesday, 08 January 2008





Once again, the joomla cms is giving us so much pleasure to work with, not only for its features, but also for its SEO approach. Ok, it needs some twiks to do, but the results are very impressives. The dynamic titles are not coming as an "out of the box" feature, I mean, Yes it does, but not as effective as this method suggest, "Dynamic Titles in Joomla"

Some explanations: The Joomla cms originally comes with this Dinamic Titles feature included, but I think is not really optimized for best results on search engines, google specifically.  

Here is why:

The title displayed 'out of the box' looks like this: "Your Website Name, Some Keywords - Home" (when you are in the homepage), and also can look like this: "Your Website Name, Some Keywords - Internal Page Title" (when you are in some internal page)

As you can see, the part  "Your Website Name, Some Keywords" is always in the first part of the title. Google and most of the search engines doesn't read after a certain number of characters, that means, all of the text, words, after the "Keyword" word in our title example here, will not be read, nor indexed as a valuable keyword for our website, and obviously we don't want that.

What we want is to have our title displaying like this: "Home - Your Website Name, Some Keywords" (when you are in the home page) and "Internal Page Title - Your Website Name, Some Keywords" (when you are in some internal page), Why is this important? - Well, this is important because of just the explanation given few lines above :), and that is achieved by applying this hack "Dynamic Titles in Joomla"

ATTENTION: This explanation above is not more current or better say, if you use joomla1.5 then you should already have your dynamic titles built-in.


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