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Images Alt Text, Very Important in Your SEO Project PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Saturday, 24 November 2007





Images Alt Text, Very Important in Your SEO Project

When you go to see your site's cache version in the google text browser (you can access this through the google tool bar), you will see that the names of your images are there but not the images, and in most cases you will see the names of the images if they don't have any alt text inserted. If you look well, you will probably see even your arrows, points, separators... images with their original names, such arrow.jpg, separator.jpg... You know that these names will also play as keywords for your website, so you can consider, without abusing, to give them another names or give them with and alt text, an alt text that will be relevant to your site.

What would be considered as abuse by google?
I don't really have a prove about this, but I think as google can also look at the tags to see if there is an abuse, google can also look after these alt texts if there is an abuse. So in my opinion, just don't take the risk, the price can be really high.... who wants to get penalized?, not you, don't you?

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