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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Thursday, 18 May 2006




Today we can see in the #3 and #9 msn positions for 'seo works' and 'google search engine' keywords respectively, that is great!, but the strange thing comes up when we ask ourselves about what we did to get high listed in msn search engine? - The answer is 'nothing', I mean, I didn't make any seo work with msn search engine in mind but only for google search engine

I have seen this results of getting high listed in msn, yahoo and any other search engines just by doing search engine optimization work for a given website with only google in mind, the website I am talking about is this ' Promotora, Constructora - Sotespa Espaņa ' website; this website have an excellent ranking for many keywords in msn and other search engines that I even didn't knew their existance ( I have discovered them by viewing the stats ). It seams like google is the king or the queen, whatever, of search engines? - Only by optimizing a website for google will make the job for the rest; I would not take this as a rule, but in my little experience, I conclude that is the case.

I am currently optimizing another website, Discount Cheap Hotel Reservations, and I will see the results in msn even if I am only working with google results in mind. Let's see...

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