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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Tuesday, 23 May 2006




We only want to be high ranked, and many times we employ those techniques that unfortunately will get you banned from search engines, specially from google! - "But what techniques are we talking about?" - I am going to be very short on this, because I assume you already have a minimal knowledge about those techniques that hurts your website, and here are some:

Bad Linking Campaign: Sometimes we all think that having our link placed everywhere (any site) is just great, because we think this will bring us more traffic and obviously we think we will jump into the top google positions... wrong!. What is not recommended in relation with Linking Campaign? - No FFA Links sites, No porno sites, even if they have a very high PR page rank, because bad sites linking to your site is just really bad.

We can also list the Black Hat technics as the cause of getting banned in google.
If for whatever reason you employed those technics and you dont see your site not even listed in the first 500 positions, then you can start making changes to your site in order to get re-indexed in google results, of course you will need to make contact with google and ask to review your site, this review will be made by a human person in google, so be warn, your site needs to be really changed and adjusted to not to be banned again.... but this time, for long time.

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