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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Friday, 12 May 2006





This is my very first article in this recently launched SEO services provider website and I am going to start in a very strange way to start :) - I am going to talk about two situations that have nothing to do one with the another, at least, that is what we think. But probably these two situations are responsible of 'Get or not to get banned' from search engines.

Search engine submission, is the first thing we want to do when we just finish to build our website and is totally natural, we want to spread the world as quickly as we can about our newly created website. Unfortunately this is one of the main errors we all make at the beginning of our search engine positionning adventure.

In my experience, I have conclued that submitting to search engines is useless and a total waste of time. Did I said waste of time? - Well after several periodical search engines submissions and after 6 months period time doing so, my website was still not properly indexed and obviously not even in the 1000's first positions. Did I get banned because of several submissions? - I don't really know if I get banned or not, but the result was a big cero. 

Stoping making submissions was a normal reaction after all these months without positive results. Guess what? - After a couple of weeks, google decided to show my site. Of course I must say that I did a good offsite seo work that I will describe them later in other articles, but today, I conclude that search engine submission is not a recommended action to take.

In the other hand, duplicating content, in my own site or posting the same content in other sites, has been a very questioned question to myself because of the rules by google which clearly say: 'Dont post duplicated content' nor use 'mirror sites' or you will get banned from search engines. My question is: Can Google ban any website that use similar or equal content in other sections of the same site or use the same content in other external websites? - I answer myself: 'No' , they can't do that, or at least we are not seeing this in the practice. I can say that because of what we see what's happen with big brothers like ebay, yahoo store and any other webstore on the web, they advertise many times the same products, with the same descriptions and images and as you may know, they don't get banned. That's somehow good news for us; we should not abuse of it though.

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