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Written by Javier Yep Garcia   
Tuesday, 27 February 2007




Google ranking, google ranking! - Many webmasters shouting outthere while some others are really happy with their google ranking... and without doing nothing! :), they dont even bother in thinking if they going to use meta tags or not, if they need to write a better and relevant website description, infact, they just put a website online and magically they are ranking high!... What The Heck?!

Yes, this is really strange, at least in a first view. In my case, I know few webmasters, newbies webmasters, but guess what? - their websites are ranking really high, why? - maybe the answer can be found in these 2 words: 'Google Algorihtm'.

So, what is this google algorithm many people are talking about? - Well, I could write lots of lines about it, but I think I will resume this with a simple list that may help you build your seo for your website, or at least send you in the good direction:

GoogScore = (KW Usage Score ) + (Domain Strength) + (Inbound Link Score) + (User Data ) + (Content Quality Score) + (Manual Boosts) - (Automated & Manual Penalties)

If you have all of those above in mind, then you are in the right direction to succeed in your seo adventure. But a question remains, Are those the only factors to follow? - the answer is 'NO'.

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